Actually no, the theme for this piece is actually “oscillate” … as in, “to vary or vacillate between differing beliefs, opinions, [and especially for this post], conditions, etc.” There might be a little lesson from the small feline predator of the Americas too.

It’s been a helluva last few weeks. Lots going on as the new year kicks into full gear. Family, work, life.

So then the question is, “What do you do here?  How to cope?  How to not only get through it, but make the best of it and have good outcome(s) from the various happenings coming up one after another, sometimes blowing up in your face?

Some specifics…

First, our son’s been on the slippery slope of infection, his mood swings have spooled up, the rest of our family trying to keep up, and sometimes just ho!d on.  And then we got some big help, some great insights, and things are looking up all of a sudden.  Up, Down, like a sine wave (or is it cosine?), but Maybe not so smooth. Or maybe yes. Depends on the hour.

The other kids have had their challenges too. They’ve been coping with both the current family dynamics, but also their own bumps in the road too.

Work side, there’s a new product launch nearing, a game changer, we all hope. There’s also the regular ramp up a new year begins, and to top off? A merger off is on the horizon. Soon? Later? Time and the SEC will tell.

Learn and adapt and execute and learn some more. Oh, and have a little fun where you can along the way. Enjoy the people you work with.

Up and down and up again. Oscillate.

And what about life otherwise? Marriage is certainly dynamic. When we’re on the same page, working as a partnership, GOOD. When we’re not in the mode and mindset well, it’s another opportunity to grow and learn and persevere. Other relationships are similar: good friends, siblings, colleagues…you get the idea.

Things oscillate. Do your best to make it smooth, a little like an ocelot maybe. Keep your cool. Focus on your goals (your “prey”). Trust your instincts, respond the the changing environment around you as best you can.

This effort can be all the more challenging when considering the various aspects of your self, your mind, that might oscillate at any given moment.  I can certainly attest to this dynamic first-hand.  Emotionally you might be rock-solid; but then perhaps a series of things occur intellectually that throw you off, spin you around, turn you upside down, leave you slowly shaking your head, wondering what happened.

Things oscillate. Ride that wave up and down, and go forward.

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