These words resonate:
“Sometimes you can see God moving, even when everything is falling apart.” -Jen Fulwiler.
 A comedian and talk show host, Fulwiler made this observation recently; I don’t know her, but her words resonate for me.
I think about betrayal, about one of Jesus’ closest followers deciding to turn him over to his enemies.  Could Jesus have known? If you believe he was divine, he had at least some sense that this is how it play out.
But what does that mean?   What did he feel, knowing…?
I think maybe he had at least a sort of “Spider Sense” (like the Web-Slinger himself), he sensed it was coming, but maybe he didn’t know the exact details.  Jesus predicted as much while eating with his friends.  “One of you will betray me.”
It’s the unexpected part that’s more nuanced.
What comfort did Jesus draw from knowing his suffering and death were imminent?
When was it going to happen?  Who would come?  What would they say?  How would it play out?   I doubt he knew all the details, but Jesus had a sense.
That’s why he went to the garden to pray.  To fortify himself, to prepare, to set his resolve for what lay ahead.
And for us, what can we learn?
How do we deal with the unexpected?    When things end up going sideways, and you find yourself in the middle of a shit storm, then what?
Maybe even a better question is,
“How can we anticipate, how can we be better prepared for the inevitable trials we will face in our lives?”
W.W.J.D.?  “What Would Jesus Do?”
Maybe the common refrain is something we can particularly consider during this Holy Week.  Even better, carry the practice forward throughout the year.
How did he deal with the unexpected?  And where is God in those moments?
More so, where is God RIGHT NOW, and what is he quietly whispering to us?   How is he trying to prepare us for the unexpected?
[Gentle Disclaimer:  I mention Spiderman in this piece as a real-world, popular image and reference, not supposing that Spiderman is divine, or that Jesus is comparable to a comic book character.]

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