Keep Writing

I kick-started earlier this month. I’ve been in a funk for some time, and this sort of lumbering narrative was crystallizing that was positive.  I was super-stoked. Gradually it began wane again. Meh.

Some time later this simple maxim came into my world, this reminder: 

“Keep Writing.”

Who said it?  Well, a lot of people probably have said it, and would say it, and it’s pretty straight forward….but in this case it was Lin-Manuel Miranda, in a featurette I was watching from the hit movie, Moana.


It’s a maxim above all others, really.  For writers anyway.


Stalled out? Uninspired? No “good” ideas? Took a long break? No worries.


Don’t have the time? Can’t find the time? Sure you can. A few is all you need. A few minutes, it won’t take long. Jot down a few words when you can, when a thought comes to mind that has a little spark.

A little spark. That’s enough. Just a little spark, a little flame, that’s enough. Let it be enough.



One thought on “Keep Writing

  1. Eric

    Similarly, for me, is keep riding. I know that the way I ride benefits me physically, spiritually, and emotionally, yet I struggle to be consistent.

    Thank you for the encouragement.

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