In the End It’s True…

After all the struggle and strife, it’s true. And too, I find wisdom im many perspectives.

“There is an Arabic proverb which says that “Peace comes from understanding, not agreement.” Agreements are more easily broken than made; but understanding never. It is urgent, therefore, and in the interest of peace, that there be better understanding among nations. As people we are one, seeking the same goal. As nations, we lose each other down the different paths we choose to fulfill our national objectives. that is why we must understand each other better.

-King Hussein”

Nationalism, patriotism, must be tempered. Our country was founded on basic principles that include tolerance and inclusiveness, and of change.

On this birthday of the United States of America, let’s remember, and rise to, the challenges of our time, applying the ideals that have endured these last two hundred and forty three years.

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