You’re Not Dumb

[image credit, Barenaked Ladies album cover, “Stunt”]

My kids tell me that “dumb” is a bad word and we shouldn’t use it. I understand that.

Whether your five or fifteen or fifty-two, feeling dumb doesn’t feel good. Ever. And calling someone else dumb. Not very nice at all.

Here’s the thing.


The dictionary says it means “lacking intelligence or good judgment; stupid; dull-witted.”

Not a very nice depiction of someone at all. Sometimes true, of course; sometimes folks tend
to exhibit these traits. Sometimes we all feel like we don’t quite get it.
Sometimes something is just missing from the equation. We can’t figure it out.

And the fact of the matter is, that’s ok.

You’re not going to understand everything right off the bat. You’re not going to have
the same depth of knowledge of everyone around you all the time. But sometimes you will. or you’re sorta close.

And sometimes you might start off on the low end, but then with effort and help and time
you’ll get better. You’ll understand more. Even if the topic at hand isn’t necessarily your bailiwick.

Lately I’ve been feeling pretty dumb from time to time. I’ve had a fair amount of struggles these last couple of years, both personal and professional.

It takes effort and patience and time to cope and overcome. And often times, some help from others too. On my side, though I definitely still have periods when it’s hard, I’ve gotten better.

And if you’re struggling, so can you. You can get better too.

Not to say we’re all of the same intellect. We’re not. And some people think more slowly, and some people don’t have the same knack and capacity as is the average or that of the super intelligent.

But I’ll say this: from my vantage point, a person is not inherently and statically and forever stuck in one place mentally.

We humans have been around a long time, and part of the reason is that we can adapt. And we do adapt.

I’ve made some adjustments that have helped. Alot, in some cases.

It’s up to each of us to make the effort, if we care to. And I’d say you should care to.

Keep trying.

Get better.

And hear this voice whisper in your ear, “You’re not dumb.”



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