Highs and Lows

It’s part of life, pretty much every day. Highs and lows. They are really the essence of what life amounts to. Sometimes you’ll be up; sometimes you’ll be down. Sometimes you’ll be one of those for a long while. Might seem like forever.

Eventually the pendulum swings.

Consider Alex Howes. Who?, you might ask? Unless you’re a pro cycling fan, you very well might not know the name. I’m a sometimes cycling fan, but enough to know who he is and two recent circumstances that illustrate “high and low” pretty well.

Alex Howes, a professional cyclist with EF Eduction First Professional Cycling Team, won the US National Cycling Road Race earlier this summer.

He gets to wear the stars and stripes as US Champion now, incorporating those colors into his race kit for the next 12 months. It didn’t come easy.

He’s been racing as a professional for several years now. He’d come close in the past. He crossed the line first this year.

Of the achievement, Howes said [via the team website, great article overall, too — https://www.efprocycling.com/alex-howes-us-national-road-champion/%5D , “I’ve dreamt of this for so long, and it was way better than I had ever imagined it could be.”


So what could be a down side for this guy?

More recently, Alex Howes struggled quite a bit during the Leadville 100, a very tough mountain bike race held in his home-state, Colorado, this past weekend. And he’s a Climber, in the road racing vernacular.

His Instagram speaks volumes; but not only to his struggle; more importantly, the attitude one might best embrace to battle through the difficulty.

INSPIRED. What’s the bottom line? KEEP GOING.

We go up, we go down. Sometimes both happen in the same day. Certainly in school, at work, in our chosen hobby, in marriage, in parenting, in life, we have highs and lows. This reality is universal. Even champions have rough days. They battle through. You can too.

Want more Alex Howe? oh man, YES…

On Twitter: @alex_howes

On Instagram:


And EF Education First Professional Cycling? Yea baby…

On Twitter: @efprocycling

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