Even More Respect…

I’ve always respected single parents and the Herculean efforts it takes to keep their family together and on the right track. My respect was “at an arm’s length;” that changed recently.

A few weeks back my wife went to a conference out of town. She was gone for four nights.

Since it’s summer time, our kids weren’t in school. However, they did have YMCA Camp to keep them busy during the day while I was at work.

My routine the four work days my wife was gone looked like this:

* get myself ready for work;

* get the kids up and ready for camp;

* drop off the kids at camp;

* go to work;

* pick up the kids at the end of the afternoon;

* go home, make dinner, eat dinner, help every with bath or shower;

* help them get to bed; get myself to bed.

* repeat.

Overall it went pretty well. But I certainly had some moments of struggle. I think I put the following tweet up around Tuesday:

It’s not all peaches and cream. I’ve about had it with Number 2 and the *NIGHTLY BATTLE TO TAKE A F*CKING SHOWER. :-/

Ok, now back to the regularly scheduled GOOD. #dadlife #dadslife #parenting #alwaysworthitnotalwayseasy

Not proud of the implied profanity, but it conveyed my level of frustration at that bath-time moment halfway through the week.


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