Be Humble

It’s a simple instruction, and one that we constantly have to work at to be authentic and true to form.

Be humble.

This guidance means plainly, don’t let you ego get in the way.  Regardless of your accomplishments, your title, your position at work, and in the world, insure you are grounded in full reality.  Regardless of the amount of money in your wallet or your bank account.

There will always be lesser and greater people than yourself.  You are in the continuum of some seven billion souls on this earth at any given time.  So strive to be the best person you can be each day.  Set your goals and work to accomplish them.  If you achieve a particular goal, celebrate that effort, then set your sights on something new.

On the flip side, don’t be dissuaded by failure or lose, or obstacles otherwise.  Keep going forward.  And stay humble.

Here’s additional guidance that might be helpful.  You might recognize it.

“But when you are invited, go, sit down in the lowest place; that when he who invited you comes, he may say to you: ‘Friend, go up higher. Then you will have glory before them that sit at table with you.'”

That one is attributed to Luke, some 1,900 years ago.




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