I think we all have them in our lives.

Blood relative or otherwise, most of us have had (or if we’re lucky, still have) folks elder to ourselves who bring a unique and special presence and insight to our lives.

That older mentor, an “expander of perspectives”, generous with love and life;  that person is “the giver of goodness”, another channel to a bigger world, a different view.

My Aunt Diane is just such a person in my world.  Virtually all my life she’s been there, offering me a different perspective.  When I was growing up, she provided adventures I wouldn’t have had otherwise, an opportunity to be a little more like an adult before I got there, just all that goodness.

I rode my first train ride solo to San Francisco to visit her when I was in middle school.  I got to visit cool restaurants with her, eat special treats, explore Chinatown.  To this day she represents the early portal for me to what was possible in being an adult.

She did a variety of things during her career, providing a great example there too.  She always worked in capacities related to health-care, but her fields were quite diverse.  She spent time in both the private and public sectors.  She was a leader, and a sole contributor.  She continues to mentor and volunteer even after retiring a few years ago.

And so as we celebrate her this weekend, and get together with her for a special lunch and treats, I encourage you to consider those elders in your life that did (or do) add depth, diversity, insight, and love.

Love them.  Because they love you.


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