I can remember way back to childhood. There was a campaign, “Reading is Fundamental.” It promotes literacy. And I remember 3rd Grade book reports. How many “Encyclopedia Brown” books could I read? It seemed like a lot.

But then I also came to realize reading made me fall asleep. My folks read at night. Sometimes for a while. I never lasted too long.

So fast forward half a life, I still like to read, but I also tend to fall asleep before much time passes.  That’s the curse I live with.  Such as it is.

Meanwhile, my smokin’ hot wife reads about a billion times more than I do.  Not quite, actually, but it SEEMS that way.  She set a goal of reading a dozen books this year.  How many has she read this year so far?  TWENTY-FOUR.  She’s smokin’ hot, and smokin’ SMART too.  I love that, along with many other things about her, of course.

All that fluffy love aside, my wife’s reading actually motivates me to consider reading more often, even if I don’t do it nearly as often.  Sleepy or not, I’m reading more because of this motivation.

I also have a couple of good, long-time friends that both read ALL THE TIME, it seems.  The read like other people listen to music.  But these guys listen to a lot of music too.  These two are the types of guys that have read everything they are interested in at the library.  What’s more, they ask the librarian when new books are due in.  They’re THAT way.  I love these two guys and they, like my wife, provide good fundamental reading motivation for me.

So this weekend, or any ol’ time you have a little extra time — even if it’s just ten minutes — try picking up a book and reading a few pages.  Even if you fall asleep, it’ll be GOOD.  Because Reading is STILL fundamental.


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