Hot, Tranquility

Who would have thought I’d be weaving a little story while cooking dinner on a weeknight? Typical for me, I suppose. Finding a story that is, not necessarily having the BBQ going on a work night.

So here it is, a couple little insights from the backyard, as the smoke gently rises from the Weber.

Looking at a couple hot coals in the ash, it reminds me how my job has been lately. It’s still a relatively new role for me. There’ve been plenty of lessons that have gotten me hot, usually for a bit, I learn something new, and things cool off, like the grey of the ash.

But when it’s hot, it’s HOT. And uncomfortable. But I suppose that means I’m growing too. Easier to herald the learning process than feel the sometimes sting, face hot and flushed.

And then there’s the calm and the peace after the lesson is learned. The calm like cooking in the backyard, the quiet, the darkness approaching, the dogs lying around, my son asking questions about this and that.

So the whole gamut, just like that.



and the result?


I am.

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