I wrote about this idea earlier in the year, in the context of parenting.  It’s an obvious concept that makes a BIG, positive difference raising kids.  But it applies to so, SO many other areas.

Human beings are social animals.  We’ve evolved and succeeded (survived) because we’ve learned to work together. Teamwork is natural then, as a matter of productivity, optimization, practical approach.  Ego of course, another human trait, is another variable that comes into play and must be managed.

Communication is key.

Good Attitude is key.  A bit vague , though; where does it come from?  Empathy, Compassion, Collective, Common Cause (or Goal Focus).

Recent work with our kids’ soccer team is a great example where teamwork is super helpful.  And I’m not even referring to the children on the field.  I’m talking about coaching, parenting, team management.  All volunteer.

I watch the coach and assistant coach (my wife and another parent) talk during practice, and a little during games; they’re on the same page.  My wife comments that she’s had a couple great and helpful SMS communications with the assistant coach too, ideas about how to help the kids more.


And I think about the coordination that goes on between my wife and I as we roll into the weekend:  soccer practice is Friday night; we talk about the plan for the evening after practice, keeping our three kids moving along afterward so it’s smooth to bed, and then up Saturday for their game.  We talk about errands for the weekend, chores that are due, other activities planned and unplanned too.

Teamwork goes a long way.  Common Cause helps too.  Stay aligned with those that matter most.


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