Funny concept, “rework.”   In the role at work I’ve been doing the last couple of years it comes up periodically.   In a manufacturing environ, it’s the idea of “reworking” material to maintain commercial continuity, etc.

Let’s go just a bit deeper on the importance of rework and the concepts of managing it properly.  The main point when you’re applying this concept is that everything must be done carefully, thoroughly, and accurately.   Each step needs to be documented, and processes followed closely by all parties.  This careful attention helps insure that you stay in compliance and preserve the chain of custody.

In my job, I’m one player in a process that involves coordination with stockroom and manufacturing personnel on the front-end of the process, and then in reverse for the back-end.   Working quickly is nice if you can do it, but better to be methodical and thorough.

Come to think of it, these traits — being careful, thorough, accurate — are good for doing “work”, and “rework”; come to think of it, if we apply this approach to our everyday, we will likely see better work, better results, in everything we do.

Be Careful.  Be Thorough.  Be Accurate.

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