Pay to Play

This is the last week of the regular season in Major League Baseball 2019. By virtue of geography and circumstance, I’m a San Francisco Giants fan, and this season will go down as a tough one — they’ll end up way back in the National League West, and done when the regular schedule concludes.

Bruce Bochy is up his final year; not the way I’m sure he would have liked to go out. Then again, he did guide the team to three World Series Championships during the past decade. That’s more success than the majority of managers, or players, have during a pro career. In any sport.

We’d all like to see things turn our well when we begin a venture, enter into a season, start something new. It’s a mixed bag, and you have to take your chances. You have to pay (get involved) to play (and have a chance for good experiences).

I have my own personal micro disappointment for the season too. I buy into seasons tickets every year — several hundred bucks for a few games, and a chance to sit in some great seats. This season I wasn’t able to go to two (or three?) games I had tickets for, and sold them for MUCH less than face value. So I ended up in the red on the season. But oh well, that’s just the way it goes.

I’ll apply the same attitude I just expressed above. You gotta pay to play; you have to take some risks to have a chance at just about everything. Oh yea, and Bruce Bochy? Thanks for fun ride. Best of luck as you close out your career and go on to the next chapter in your life.

On we go. All Good.

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