Date Night

Saturday night is Date Night for me and my honey. Drafting this post earlier in the week, for Saturday “go live,”, which might indicate:

1/ I’m super exited about having some couple time with my Better Half, and;

2/ I’m already thinking about just what we can do for our date, in addition;

3/ This will be two weekends in a row with a Date Night, and next week we’re headed on a family road trip, so we’ll have even more time together, living and loving the life of “married with three little kids.”

It’s definitely NOT all peaches and cream, and two dates in two weeks is anomaly for us. We’re actually shooting to have two dates a month, just us, spread out a little so provide more balance. But you take what you can get sometimes, and when two back-to-back weekends lined up, well, we said ABSOLUTELY!

The main point here is, even as you revel and celebrate and get deep into parenting and your professional life and the day-to-day chaos that tends to be family life with little kids, even if you love it every minute and never feel overwhelmed or short on time, energy, money (Is that possible?!) —

it’s important in a marriage to MAKE space on the calendars for Couple Time. That time will give you a healthier sense of self, do the same for your partner, be better for your kids, for your collective ability and long-term capacity to handle all that life brings you.

So in short, WHOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO for Date Night, let it be, make it so!

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