Luke 9: 43-45

I somehow got myself turned around with readings from recent reviews. “Fight the good fight” (one of my favorites, as mentioned earlier) from Timothy was actually intended for 09/29. Or maybe not…? Regardless, I shared it last week.


It has me looking at other readings for this weekend, and voila!, a little fresh thought and inspiration found in Luke. The passage below is a excerpt from that short Gospel reading.

Luke 9: 43-45

44 ‘For your part, you must have these words constantly in mind: The Son of man is going to be delivered into the power of men.’

This was Jesus talking to his friends, as the masses were in wonder at what he had been doing, the teachings, the miracles, etc.

It was a foreshadow that he was offering his disciples, that he would meet his demise at the hands of his detractors, and in particular, the authorities in charge.

My take away?

Maybe God’s intention for us to understand is…

that sometimes (often, always?), those who strive to do good, do the right thing, help others, play by the rules, even do great things, it might not make any diffence to your ultimate fate on this earth.

Maybe we can do many great things, help many people, bring love and healing and inspiration, thousands upon thousands even, but not be “rewarded” in a manner we expect.

We might even be demonized, or otherwise doomed. Worse yet, those who don’t seem on the same path might reap many material rewards or otherwise have good fortune fall upon them.

Well, good for them.

And maybe that’s God’s ultimate message to us who believe; maybe the message is, do the work, live true to your calling, to what your soul tells you is right, and let it all play out otherwise as it may.

Do not be overly concerned or distracted by worldly things, as long as you have the basic necessities to live.

Realize and trust that Good is in the Good you do, and that’s what matters, full stop. And in the next life, in the afterlife, in whatever is next — what we Believers often refer to as “Heaven”, it is there that another, eternal reward may manifest.

What matters now: the sense of purpose and right action and certainty of intent, that is what matters most in this life, on this earth, in our time.

The Son of man was delivered to the power of men. That power then hung him on a cross and there he died. And then he was delivered to God’s Hands.

Let that be so for each of us. In this life, and the next. To be in God’s Hands.

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