The Weekly

For 20 plus years, The Weekly…

A simple gathering, a chance to get together and share and vent and get a bit of a break from the day to day.

It began when folks in our little group started having kids. Sometimes we’d talk about parenting, a lot of times it’s about getting a couple hour break from the 24/7 gig.

Personal life, professional life, whatever’s on your mind, it’s welcome at the Weekly.

There have been varied participants over that time, those decades; a core group has carried it forward, two or three depending on the week and what’s going on in life, in our lives.

There’s an honesty and a refuge and a refreshment that’s on offer; cold beer and snacks provide just the physical comfort that compliments the banter, the insights, the simple bonds of friendship.

The Weekly is on Wednesday. So blessed a day as Wednesday. So blessed we are to have each other.

At The Weekly.


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