What You Do

The Inventory Cage

Sometimes it’s not so much where you are but what you do that matters more.

Do What You Do.

I found myself in the inventory cage getting some work done recently; mind you, the work I was doing related to what was in the cage. So I figured, rather than go back and forth from warehouse to my desk, I’d do the work on the spot.

It wasn’t about where I was — although I like working in the warehouse among the boxes and parts and racks and finished goods and raw materials and much of what physically goes into running our business — but more about getting the work done.

I was in the groove and taping through the tasks at hand; at some point, I got to thinking about the very work I was doing in that moment, in my current role, and then shifting to my varied career and positions I’ve held and things I’d call accomplishments. It’s a mixed bag of some goals set, but also plenty of situations I’ve responded to, opportunities that have presented and converted to wins.

But it’s not all been wins, of course. There has been plenty of challenges and learning and failure and lessons and improvements and new skills needed and developed and on and on. That’s how life goes, most of the time I think. Learn, try, fail, eventually achieve some measure of improvement, learn more, face new challenges, strive again, and…repeat. That’s how we develop and add to the Big Picture of our professional life.

And the point is…?

These thoughts all flowed through my mind pretty quickly, along with thinking about many of my classmates from the school years so long ago. I know a lot of folks who have done a lot of different things, pretty well the whole shooting match of professions and careers: business owners in various fields, medical professionals, managers, directors, vice presidents, and plenty of the rank-and-file folks too in many professions.

Funny thing, I’m a guy in a rank-and-file position that feels pretty well on even keel with my peeps up the chain-of-command. And the point of this reflection is really just that: my schooling left me feeling even with my peeps, believing that my professional path has developed as it should, and that I have the capacity and the capability to “rise up” when the moment is right. I’m deep into my career, I suppose that too plays into this sense of possibility and certainty of purpose. There’s a Big Picture still in play.

And so tapping away on my laptop one work-day afternoon in a warehouse cage, these insights filled my head, and left me buoyed and hopeful. Doing what I do, attending to the tasks at hand, contributing to the common cause of our business, and seeing where all this fits into my Big Picture. Doing what I do. That’s a good feeling to have any day. Even working in the cage.

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