De la Cruz

Actually this piece should be entitled, “De la Cruz and Rosa, Too.”

I’ve grown up with the first name in my life for a long time. In the city I’m from, there is a major road that runs north/south that bears this name. It runs by the airport.

The English translation of “De la Cruz” is “Of The Cross” — obviously a Christian connotation. There are other variations in other languages that come from cultures particularly influenced by Christianity.

The theme of this piece might very well align with a central concept from Christianity (among certain other philosophies, too):

The idea is quite simple; it’s the intent of helping others, and making great efforts in this regard.

It’s about being ready and willing to lend a hand, both hands, one’s whole self if necessary, for the betterment of those you live and work with.

Honoring a couple people I work with is the intent and purpose of this post. Plain and simple, with not fluff or fancy, no pretense, no puff.

I work with a guy and a gal who work hard, bust their butts, hustle, and are always getting things done.

De la Cruz is one; Rosa is the other. They come through when needed. They are the doers. The are pleasant. They smile. Sometimes they even check in to be sure everything is ok. They both seem ready and able to do what is needed for the business.

I’m super grateful to know them both. I’m super grateful I work with them. I’m super grateful when they come through. I’m just grateful. For De la Cruz. And Rosa too.

They are solid workers. They are solid people. De la Cruz and the cross, Rosa and the rose. The imagery of the cross as above. The imagery of the rose also apropos: bright and offering a near limitless image of strength.


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