Comfort Zone

This weekend there is a Fall Festival at our kids’ elementary school. I’m volunteering to work for an hour in the afternoon.

Stepping out of the comfort zone.

Friday I took the day off to go with our younger daughter to a pumpkin patch with her class. I didn’t know any parents of the kids in her class. But I came out of the experience a little more in touch, and with a little more sense of how her classmates are, how her teacher is, and yes, met a couple parents too.

Again that comfort zone was in play, and I ignored it and stretched myself again.

In the morning Saturday two of our kids are playing soccer; it’s maybe their sixth game. My wife is the coach. It’s her second year. Both of us are a little out of our comfort zone. The important parts? Being together as a family, supporting each other, and the kids too.

Learning therein. Setting an example thereby.

Meeting new people. Overcoming the butterflies in the tummy. Helping others. Helping our kids.


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