The Harvest is Abundant

“The harvest is abundant but there are few laborers.” So explained Jesus his way to his friends in the Book of Luke. I found this entry when I was thinking about my Sunday post. I’ve been looking forward each week to find some glimmer of insight to share from the regular Sunday readings.

This time around, I decided to check my trusty Jesuit smart phone app that has daily readings and reflections. Their compiled and maintained by The Center for Spirituality at Fairfield University. It’s a handy source of insight and reflection.

The Jesuits doing it again, meeting us where we are to consider and live our faith in a very real and immediate manner, every day.

In any event, this passage from Luke had me thinking about the call Jesus has for us to living a life of faith; it’s not an easy endeavor, to be sure. And I don’t just mean faith in God, in Jesus, in the usual way we talk about faith in religion. I was also thinking about faith in our decisions, faith in our partner, in our path, just everywhere faith might come into play.

At the end of the day, I live my life by faith. I make choices based on what I believe to be true, but also about what I have faith in happening. For better or worse, that’s my approach. I sometimes have faith (hope?) that something will turn out a particular way, and thus remain committed in spite of other possible outcomes, etc. As U2 sang in “Hawkmoon 269”,

“…like faith needs doubt, like a freeway out, I need your love…”

Like faith needs doubt…there is always doubt where there is faith, they go together. And I like the other sentiment too…

I need your love. Yes indeed, we all need love. And that is what Jesus was talking about through the rest of that reading. Where ever you find faith, wherever you find love, wherever people treat you in a reasonable way…bless them, and be thankful.

And the others? Have faith it will turn out as it should otherwise.


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