Beowulf, 0337.

“…But well for him that after death-day may draw to his Lord, and friendship in the Father’s arms!”

I’ve read bits and pieces of the epic poem, Beowulf, over the last few decades. I’m back at it now, trying again to decipher and appreciate it with fresh eyes and open mind. It is, after all, epic; and about a thousand years old.

It’s a classic tale, and one of the oldest written in any version of the English language. There are warriors and liegemen and kings and monsters and a dragon and all that you might imagine might go along with such characters.

The line quoted at the top is early-on in the poem, and it stood out to me beyond the colorful, ancient narrative, —

“…On the breast of the vessel bright-shining jewels,Handsome war-armor; heroes outshoved then,Warmen the wood-ship, on its wished-for adventure…”

— because it draws to the eternal source of strength and fortitude and perseverance through hardship: FAITH.

And not just faith in a God, but our relationship therein, with Him. Or Her. Our faith and belief in that friendship with God, that if we carry on through all manner of circumstance that life present us, and insist we address, whatever may pour over us, that in the end, we will end up in the arms of he who loves us.

And the “0337” reference in the title?

I think I was listening to U2’s “Hawkmoon 269” the day before I began writing this piece, and so just thought I’d throw in some numbers. 0337 AM was the time our dogs were barking it up this morning, which drew me to their darkened den, fully awake, battle-ready for Monday. : – )

And Hawkmoon 269? HERE.

More on Beowulf? HERE.

BONUS! Glossary Below
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