Desert Addendum: Cold Brew

First-hand account of “micro-desert” experience from the last twenty-four hours.

I have like half a dozen things that need to come together this week, outside of regular work. I stalled out with progress on three in a row last night. It was a little frustrating.

The near two-hour commute home didn’t help much.

And so I hunkered down as best I could and poured into helping the family, albeit as a simmering Grumpy Dad, such as I was. My honey made yummy taquitos – Thanks, Dear! – that helped reset the eve to positive a bit.

But Grumpy Dad persisted. And so it was. I resolved to force myself up earlier in the morning to get back on track.

And just before bed, I made a fresh batch of cold brew. Pick-me-up loaded for the rest of the week.

Ended on an up-note.

: – )


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