Veterans Day, Every Day


Thinking about the Veterans Day holiday yesterday, and sharing these thoughts intentionally today, the day AFTER the holiday, to make a particular point.

In this day and era, when the United States has Volunteer Service to maintain our military readiness and service;

In this day and era when social media and 24-hour news cycle and instant communication saturates us with circumstances and conflicts around the world;

In this day and era when the US Military is active in multiple conflicts and crises in more than a dozen countries around the world, on just about every continent;

I want to remind myself and everyone else that we need to be mindful and grateful for the women and men who serve our country, and the ideals our country strives to live by, each and every day;

Let’s not just honor our military on a particular day, but every day; and especially those who have been wounded or killed in service, let us be eternally grateful and humbled by their sacrifice;

Regardless of any politics behind the circumstances, we must first honor and be grateful and be humbled by their efforts, and their lives.


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