A Lifetime of Love

A Lifetime of Love

Saw a post recently from the wife (and friend) of a college chum who died of cancer last year. He battled for about three years before it got him. They were married for something like 29 years. Like all of their adult lives. She wrote about how hard it is, dealing with the grief. And she’s doing everything right. What exactly? Staying in close touch with friends and family, especially their three adult sons; exercising plenty, alone and with others. It’s still sneaky, terribly hard.

I then got news that a gentleman I serve with in a Lions club, one of the oldest, active folks I know, just lost his wife of 69 years the day before Thanksgiving. She had been of failing health the last couple years. SIXTY NINE YEARS they had been married. Equally difficult for him, though they lived full lives together.

Two couples, four life times, stories of joy and struggle, tragedy and triumph, and love throughout.

Love lives on. Love is what matters.

Love perseveres. Love is what remains. Love, and the memories of that love, are what strengthen us, if we let it.

Love does not fail.

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