Guest Post: Reflection, There and Here.

This piece was written by guy who’s an artist, a teacher, a creator, a husband and father, a person of great faith. I read this post on his facebook page a couple weeks back, and wanted to share it. He graciously allowed me to do so. Here’s some great insight and “Reflection: There and Here. Love, the Perfect Antidote to Anxiety and Depression.”

“Well, headed back to America. My heart is full, but a little piece is left behind. My friends here in Guatemala know how to live and know how to love.

We brought murals, music and skateboarding to a town that does not get those types of things. We danced with children and painted for them. We told them they were beautiful and God created them perfectly. We rapped, break-danced and painted for men in recovery. We told them to be like children and seek joy. We served with no expectations, just to love.

We hiked up an active volcano, painted at the top, and road a snow board down the ash all while lava shot out the top. We laughed together, ate together, spoke to each other in broken sentences as we struggled to understand one another. But our gestures, smiles and actions spoke louder. We planed, we dreamed, we prayed.

America, we don’t need to go places to have this. We just need to create it at home. San Francisco, I know we work our asses off just to survive and stay in the place we love. But we have to slow down. Stop and say hi to your neighbor.

Yeah you might take 10 minutes longer than you planned. But you’ll be happier for it. Show up at each other’s homes unexpected. Seek adventure in your own backyard.

Let’s stop chasing the so called “American Dream” and seek to love and serve one another. I guarantee it will reverse all the statistics we have in the states about anxiety and depression. We can do it, it’s a choice. Slowdown. Live life, LOVE.”

-Cameron Michael Moberg

More visual magic from him here:

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