Christmas Eve

Reflections on the last few days, so many things swirl in and out of my mind.

Rounding out the month at work – almost. I’ll be back in on the 30th to help close the books for December.

Continued learning and insights and lessons and mistakes and pushing the business forward. Thankful for the repeated re-center to the basic goal: be efficient; minimize mistakes; help the business everyday.

At home, so much appreciation for my wife and all she does to make our family life happen. She’s a great partner and leader and parent and I’m so lucky in so many ways to be married to her — read also there: I think she’s smoking hot. 🙂


So fun as well to have more time for a few days with the kids; and a joy to watch them get ready for the holidays, and round out school to break. Now the time we’ll have? Extra special. Make it so, I keep thinking. Each hour, each day.

A lot of speed blogging, when the spirit moves, to share the GOOD.

And the muse continues, staccato:

Love the people I work with;

Grateful for our home and warmth and delicious food and Christmas lights;

Warm flannel and holiday beverages and well wishes from all sides and the Nutcracker music playing in my ears;

And prayers for those from through out my life; and those who have passed; and those less fortunate, those in any kind of need.

And love. More love. And still more love. That’s really what it keeps coming back to. And God’s Love. AMEN.

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