The Holidays, It’s a Mixed Bag

So much going on. Decorating and event planning and attending and gift-shopping and meals prep and dancing children and singing children and too much sugar and grumpy children and the house in shambles and getting ready for a holiday meal and the year-end push at work, and last minute crises, and lending a hand where you can and trying to keep it all together and feel a little joy besides and…

Boy that was a long sentence! And that’s how it feels this time of year sometimes, one long run-on sentence, another thing to add, another thing to do.


Then I heard a reminder that rang truer than true: remember the reason for the season. Actually, there are a few reasons. Or maybe a few lessons, that’s a better way to put it.

Listen carefully to God; often God whispers, and we must listen closely.

If given the opportunity to help someone we love, we should do so; we should protect them and support them.

Sometimes things are not as they seem; look carefully and try to discern any deeper meaning that might be so.

Humble yourself, accept support from others, do what you know is right, do your best, help others. And be patient. And don’t give up, even if things don’t seem right.

Like Joseph supported Mary; like the innkeeper who let them stay in the stable; as Mary did with these things she didn’t understand.

The holidays can be a mixed bag for sure. Until we remember the whole point of this festival in the winter season.

Soon He will be with us; nay, He is already here. Soon we will celebrate when He arrived. We call Him Emmanuel.

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