‘‘Tis The Season

So much wrapped up in the holidays, so many directions, so many feelings, so much good, if we let it be.

Lights shining bright, red and green, with plenty others in between. Lights to celebrate the season, the reasons are many, the struggles many too.

Plenty to do, people to see, greetings to share, things to give, things to receive. It can be too much. Indulgence and cheer and harried calendar can wear us down, if we let it.

Would that we can be centered and remember the core reasons for the season. Rebirth and good will and songs from on high, calling us to love and rejoice and be for one another. Let us celebrate the power and good of together, one for the other, thankful and ready to lend a hand, a kind word, a touch, a moment.

Let our failings and sins and selfishness fall away, let us rise to the occasion, the reason we’re here. Mindful and tempered and live for one another, and love and be as we are called.

This season reminds us of the eternal Emmanuel, that we are not alone, that the light shines bright, for you, for me, if we let it.

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