Boxing Day Recap

Day after the Christmas feast – Boxing Day the Canadians call it – a mixed day of blessings and goodness if you try to find it. Have a look, it’s not too hard.

It was a morning read, new old book, a gift from our daughter, a volume she bought at her school store.

It was pumping up tires on new bikes, all three kids riding up and down the street sidewalk. Joy and accomplishment were evident; building confidence for when the training wheels come off next year.

It was errands to drop off donations and fill the gas tank for a couple road trips this weekend.

It was putting the good dishes away until the next time. It was leftovers supper.

It was playing Fashion Press with our younger daughter; her explanations were deliberate and thorough.

It was a dozen or so sugar cookies for dessert.

It was a mix of lessons and blessings, not too hard to find; ya just have to look.


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