Containers Interlude

In a corner of the tile counter in the kitchen, behind the drying rack next to the sink, that’s where they are.

They are different sizes, different types, and they have difference color tops.

It’s collection we use often. We have some many of different sizes and shapes, they don’t all store away, so they end up sitting out.

We cycle through then with cut veggies and leftovers of all kinds, week-in, week out. Those containers reflect our lives here at the house. The busy, the flow, the get up and go, making the most of what we got.

During the holidays and all year long, don’t waste, use it all, yum.

Sample? From our Christmas feast, all these items went into containers for snacks and meals in the coming days…

Cuts of beef and bones, green beans and salad, dinner rolls, turnip rutabaga mash, cheeses and various crackers…

That’s the Container Interlude. Yum.

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