Leisurely Day? #Gratitude

Yeh thankful-fest continues…relaxed, many little lessons, many little blessings. We headed out to the Golf Course at Moffett Field. Been open to the public for several years now. Was a combined Navy and Air Force base for decades prior.

Historic Feel. Nothing fancy. A little gem nonetheless.

They don’t get used much, but nice to have them out today.
Good day with three great humans, friends for decades, very grateful for them in my life, for the humor, and always, for the easy insights.
Good walk spoiled? Spoiled to be in such a great spot on a carefree afternoon…
Spent some time here…
And some time here too…
Sometimes a putter was the right answer even from a ways out…lesson? ADAPT.
2/3 thru the round, it was clear our approach to the day was the right way…focus on the together…
Nice to have a walk with good friends around this historic place.

A carefree afternoon, filled with gratitude for the time and these friendships. A little gem, each one.

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