Into The Twenties

Looking back on the 2000 “Teens”, as with any retrospective, there’s plenty of positive, and plenty of challenges too. Funny for me as a middle-age dude. to think about laying a firm foundation for the next ten years, the next decade, the future — but that’s how I feel about it, all the same.

Our kids were all born in the last ten years. I changed jobs to my current gig (and lots of learning, growing, etc.) in the last ten years. My dad passed away; so did a lot of other parents I knew, and a few friends too. Lots of life happened.

Sitting here in my grey fleece sweats at the dining table, as the afternoon sun spills in and I nurse a little flu with hot tea and snacks, I’m ready for 2020 to arrive. Rest assured it’s got plenty in store. Rest assured I’ll make the best of it. Because hey, that’s what I do: day-in, day-out, trying to get better, working to make it GOOD.

Join me, we’ll do it together. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020.

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