Recap on the Day: Up, Down, In-between

What a day. I had high hopes. Some cool things happened to be sure. There was some good learning on my part. Progress at work, getting better bit by bit.

Then things stalled out near the end of the day, strung out by some bumps at home, mostly in my own head.

Just writing that “out loud” helps me let it go (like the song goes). So that was the final good tidbit as the lights went out.

And sharing some images from the day? A little glimpse, also GOOD.

Come along…

Early up, and westward down Pruneridge with the dogs.
Departed for work this way…good sign.

This happened about halfway through the day; not terminal, thankfully.
Seaweed snack helped this Fast Day go a little..faster. 🙂
Theme music for Bath Time included this one…Pokemon Classic (apparently).

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