Neil Peart, The Professor, RIP

They called him “The Professor” because he read all the time, because he was learned, because he was a master.

I heard the news yesterday that Neil Peart died on 7 January. SPEECHLESS. The legendary drummer and lyricist of the Canadian rock band RUSH was 67.

While I’m certainly saddened by the news, I’m also eternally grateful for the mountain of music and canon of amazing lyrics he left behind.

One of my good buddies sent me this text that sums it up beautifully:

“RIP Neil Peart
Bummed & shed a tear today on many levels
Masterful musician, lyricist, thinker, adventurer, big time quality dude, wacky Canadian, and so much more.
We need people like him to be on this planet as long as possible.
Kills me that he had to battle an insidious cancer & he couldn’t go out on his terms or terms befitting him.
Glad I was blessed to be able to enjoy Rush’s musical experiences with family & friends & be moved by his amazing talents.

One of the best, ever!”

Amen AMEN, that’s about all I could add. I agree with all of that.

RUSH music changed my life for the better. It still does.

I hope I see you on the other side, Neil.

God Bless.

And this collection of images from social media. And the statement from his bandmates at the end.

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