Unconditional Love

Wise people? I think wise people learn lessons from all sides, all sources, all situations. Or at least they strive to do so. Unconditional Love is a good topic to be open to for lessons from all sides. And while humans can certainly exhibit unconditional love, I’d vote for dogs as the most consistent example of this powerful ideal. In that light then, I offer up our family dogs Mia, and Zona, full of unconditional love.

They’re outdoor dogs, as we’ve had little kids growing up the whole of their lives. Plus, our son is quite allergic to the dogs’ dander. That said, they’ve got a pretty good life.

Watching the fence for cats.
Watching the arbor for vermin

They live in the backyard, with access to the garage and double dog beds. They get two meals a day, walks most mornings, and treats on occasion. They love when the kids come out to say hi and explore — and the two of the three kids enjoy petting them. Both dogs are good listeners, and quite gentle. We’re lucky to have them as part of our family. We’re very fortunate to be recipients of their unconditional love.

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