Up the Ladder

Another day started with a loose plan, some things on the list, and then circumstances demand adaptation. A morning of easy pace stayed too easy, timing slipped, and we duly adjusted.

It’s usually after the initial realization that things aren’t going in the exact-planned trajectory, that’s the most difficult. It’s also the time to make the choice to respond positively.

I wasn’t really planning on going up the ladder to put Christmas away in the garage rafters, but it quickly became an easy win to pursue. So I did. Up and down the ladder to adjust the rafters’ contents a bit; then up and down with boxes full of holiday decorations.

I made the best of it, mindful to work my core and my balance along with it. No falls, Success! Sunday afternoon was looking up.

The rest of the day played out pretty well too. Not just for me did it go well, but with the kids and my wife too. We had a couple bumps with the kids, but they came through ok. A few errands got completed too: Bonus!

And it was all possible because we were all willing to go up our own ladder for the day, to a place, and get things done along the way.

Wait for it…GOOD.

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