Good Habits

Seems like I see more and more people brushing their teeth at work. Might be mid-morning, might be after lunch, but oral hygene awareness and action is on the rise.

Good Habit for sure, brushing your teeth frequently, even at work. We only get one set of adult teeth, and it pays both practically and comfort-wise to take good care of them.

Thing is, there’s always an excuse as to why NOT to do it. But that excuse is weak. It doesn’t take very long to make this particular habit a regular thing, a…HABIT.

I fall short on this front; I’m a traditional, twice-a-day brusher. And I don’t floss very often. Flossing is also well-worth the less-than-minute it takes to keep your teeth in a further state of good health.

Pick a Good Habit or two to work on this year. It’s early in a new year. It’s a new decade. And regardless of the When, the more important thing is the DO. Everyday.

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