The original title of this post was going to be “Addicted to Data?”, but then I decided a different title would be more accurate, as it ended up.

A day without wearing a steps tracker; I’ve had a couple days when my beloved (!?) steps tracker, my Fitbit watch, it didn’t come through as intended.  In neither case was it the fault of the device.  

One day (or evening, Thursday, to be precise), I thought I properly set it up to recharge; but then when I got to work, I discovered it didn’t charge.  Didn’t realize it until four hours after I put it on in the morning. Lame.  : – /

And the other time?  I just forgot to wear it.  Didn’t put it back on after I showered in the morning.  Lame times two.   : – /   : – /

And my initial reaction each time I discovered I wasn’t properly “tracking”? I had mixed feelings. I felt a little like my day was going to be a little empty, something was missing. 

Weird, right? I mean, who really cares how many steps I take? Why do *I* care so much about the number of steps I take in a day?  I asked myself, “Am is addicted to data?”

After all, I pretty closely keep track of my activity (walking around, long way to the loo, up the stairs repeatedly and around the building), in effort to pass 10,000 steps for the day, and this year 2020, trying for 20 floors of climbing each work day too. 

I feel like I gotta stay active, as I don’t really have any other regular exercise regime.  Integrating, being consistent, striving to hit the numbers, that’s my best effort at this stage in my life.  And the data helps motivate me for sure. 

But on the topic of the data itself…well…I do *enjoy it*, keeping track, that is FOR SURE. I love looking at the numbers, the trends. But I’m not addicted to having the data. It’s a motivator, yes. But it’s not necessary.

What is necessary is moving every day.

No data for the day? A lapse in my graphs? Boo hoo.

It is what it is. That’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. The main thing is to keep moving, keeping up the regular routine anyway.

Didn’t have the data to back it up? Oh well. The underlying truth is the same:

GET OFF YOUR BUTT. Every day. In other words, MOVE IT, OR LOSE IT.


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