For Three Peoples, for All Peoples, I Pray

Most mornings part of my prayer is for other people; I pray for family, for friends, for those who have passed on.

And then I pray for people who suffer illness, and are effected by war and other armed conflict; there’s plenty of suffering in the world to go around.

The following three groups come to mind most days. In no particular order I think about these people; though you might be able to rank by how many displaced, how many mamed, how many murdered.

Pray for them. Pray for us all.

Rohingya are a stateless, persecuted Ethnic minority in Myanmar. Hundred of thousands have been forced to flee ethnic cleansing, to refugee camps in Bangladesh.

Uyghurs are a ethnic group that are persecuted in western China. Tens of thousands have been forced into re-education camps by the Chinese government.

Yazidis are a ethnic/religious minority in the general area thought of “Kurdistan”: a blended region of Syria, Iraq, and Turkey. They were particularly targeted by The Islamic State.

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