Do What You Can Do

Running to stand still; it’s a common feeling for me in the day-to-day. Chasing the to-do list, between the primaries — family and marriage and my elderly mother, and work — to secondaries — regular writing and Lionism (community service work through a local Lions club I belong to).

Most days I feel like I’m hustling to check at least one thing off each list. Sometimes I don’t even get to each list. Something gets pushed out, paused, placed to the back-burner.

If my mood’s not good, if I’m doubting, questioning, a wrench gets in the works, what ever the obstacle…well, it can be a little…bumpy.

And so a common theme bubbles to the surface, would that it would also do so in the moment, helpful if it does, grateful too:

“Do what you can do.” Yea but what about how much there is left to do?! What about the long lists?! What about expectations? Deliverables?

Never mind. “Do what you can do.” Take a couple deep breathes, and do the next right thing. And then? Another. and again.


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