Don’t Give Up on a Bumpy Day

“Today didn’t start off as planned, but we’ve adjusted and are going forward. Don’t give up on a day that gets bumpy. See it through. Make it GOOD.”

I wrote that early one morning last week. I thought it was a good attitude to have regardless of when things go sideways early on. I still think that’s the case. In the moment for sure it was apropos.

But the morning after the San Francisco Forty Niners lost Super Bowl LIV to the Kansas City Chiefs…? And many days after, for that matter…? It’s more a direct counter to the prevailing attitude of the moment: “That f*cking s*cked…!”

I’m a life-long Niner fan. Th e team’s had plenty of success in its history. But when they fall short as they just did, positive attitude aside, it’s flipping hard to make sense of, hard to swallow. Especially in the Super Bowl. F*CK.

Whatever though. It’s just a game. There are a lot of other issues to focus on, causes that need attention.

The lesson from yesterday’s gospel might have a hint, too. As Father Saju shared in his homily on Sunday, that fundamentally Christians are called to look forward, to live their lives and their faith forward, let’s that instruction to heart. That’s the manner to approach each day. Learn the lesson; but too, go forward, don’t dwell on the past.

Don’t give up. Even at the season’s end. Don’t give up. Reset for the next season. GO FORWARD.

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