Celebrating The Girls

This weekend we’re celebrating our two girls’ birthdays, a joint gathering to maximize the participation and the fun. Bonus? My mom’s birthday is also in February, so we’ll sing her Happy Birthday too.

Thinking about these three people, and the massive effect they’ve had on my life, I share some simple, and maybe obvious thoughts. Obvious they may be, but regardless, they are profound.

My mom shaped much of who I’ve become, no doubt about it. She was a strong influence that guided me growing up, and lifted me and spurred me ahead to be the best I could be at whatever I was doing. That doesn’t mean being perfect; I’ve often been a far cry from that. It did mean making a best effort, and keeping a positive attitude, and never giving up.

So with my own kids now, these little girls my wife and I have as two-thirds of our brood, I think a lot about the positive influences my mom had on me, and what I can pass along in my own parenting. And I feel so SO lucky to have two daughters, especially after growing up in a house of boys.

I celebrate our two daughters, raising my hands to the heavens with thanks, and humbled by the role, but also sure of what’s possible for them. No better time has there been in history for women to rise, to be at the apex of any endeavor the aspire to, for the chance to shine. And so as we celebrate our three ladies this weekend, let it be said in the loudest voice I can muster from the fullest heart one can have, “Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!!!”

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