Balance Love & Action

This concept may be one of my fundamental goals, fundamental challenges, my life chrystalized each day.

Love is centered on being and feeling and valuing the time, the moment, the people you are with. It’s deep into NOW.

Action is obviously, “the doing, the tasks, the active” — it’s how things get done. Taking action. Doing the work.

I find myself in between most every day. Every day things need to get done. And getting things done is satisfying, to be sure.

However I prefer to spend my time on love — the people I’m with, the listening, and the talking, and the being together.

The deeper connection is what I enjoy most. It’s what makes life meaningful to me. It’s what matters in the truest sense.

And so it’s balancing love and action that is my daily goal, my daily bread, that keeps me going.

And if I can turn love INTO action, even better.

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