Dad Solo, Be The Rock

First, I’m not a solo dad. Let’s be clear about that. My “Better Half” and I parent together, and keep this family together as a team.

So that said, I’m sitting on the couch one afternoon. I’m with my son, who’s not feeling well. He’s taking a nap just now.

Watching “Free Solo”, about Alex Honnold’s attempt to conquer El Capitan without rope. This film is an amazing documentary, by the way.

Many thoughts churning through my head as I watch this film — the prep, the backstory, the team, the relationships, the expertise, the doubts, the story over all: All the lives, all the goals in the mix.

Then I think about my life, the team, the relationships; I think about my life, my goals, about my sick little boy sleeping next to me, his breathing hampered by congestion.

It’s pretty straightforward really. As I progress through each day, through lists and chores and tasks and objectives and projects and goals otherwise, personal and professional, one thing is clear over and over and over.

My life goal is to provide support to others and see them shine, grow, achieve. I do various things with my time to various degrees of success.

What matters most though? Being there for others. Being the rock. Hmm. Yea that’s it. I want to be the rock. And I can be. And I am. That’s what I strive to be.

Not so fancy. Not flashy (except my socks, and plaids, sometimes bright shirts, sometimes the emoji I use). My purpose over decades has been to help others shine; and thereby I shine too. I have my own moments; and they shine brightest and feel most satisfying when others are in the frame. This rock shines brightest in support of others.

Dad solo: there’s no rope, but plenty of support, and what I strive to be.

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