Deep in Family

Things to do, do some, sure; cross a couple things off the list. Two stops to start the day, a couple three hours out, a couple stores, gather up the staples for the week, for the family.

Family the reason, the purpose, what matters most, who to get back to. Who to spend time with. So much time away day to day, school and work and in between, savor the time we get, pile it up when we can.

One not feeling well, hunkered on the couch all day, poor little guy. The girls watching show after show after show, rain coming down outside. I recall those days as a kid, some weekend days free to watch TV on my own, let it soak in, unhampered leisure.

Still all together, me in the middle, a kid on each side, easy day to take it easy. A few errands, then home and hunkered down with the crew, with family.

Deep in family, deep in love, what matters most.

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