“Shelter In Place”, Day 2

Wednesday, 03/18/2020: Just a couple days ago we heard the news that six of the counties in the San Francisco Bay Area, are directed by public order to “shelter in place” for the next three weeks. Put simply, that means stay home, take care of your family, do what work you can (if any) from home, and stay healthy. That’s it.   So two days on, I can report: Nice to get a little more sleep, and be more leisurely to start the day; the pace quite steady, easy does it. I’ve: monitored work email, as instructed; Completed our family’s entries for the 2020 Census; Tested a conference bridge we used for a Lions club board meeting concall we be had last night (maintaining the prime directive to uphold “social distancing”); Finished the agenda for said meeting; revised said meeting; updated an addendum document we’ll be presenting for the same; Monitored a nine year old, seven year old, and six year old, as they meander through this strange beginning to this quasi-break / change of schedule, pace, expectation; Walked to the park to get some fresh air; saved to a couple neighbors from a safe distance; Had that Lions board meeting concall; it went pretty well for the first time; What else to report? It’s been odd, relaxing, a little stressful, bumpy, and left me feeling unsettled for sure, as we five (together with my wife, also home), figure out how to co-exist during times we’d usually be doing other things, at school, at work. I’ve said it over and over in various conversations the last week, and especially the last couple days as this COVID-19 circumstance develops: take it easy, take it hour by hour, day by day, allow yourself more patience, lower expectations, adapt, adjust, stay healthy. All easier said than done, turns out. No surprise. That’s life. In the midst of it all, let’s make it GOOD. Together. By…? Giving each other more space, time, slack. Yep. GOOD.

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