Meet The Moment

As the COVID19 virus pandemic continues to spread in the United States and around the world — or more precisely, as our awareness of the scope of the outbreak becomes better understood through testing — thoughts continue to develop on all manner on the effect the crisis is, and will have on all manner of our lives.

As with any such immediate, crisis situ, where most everything gets turned upside down and many norms go out the window, we struggle for balance, to get a grasp, a foot-hold to help us steady.

It’s a disruption, it’s a challenge, it’s an opportunity, to meet the moment.  “Meet the Moment”, I heard a governor say in a press briefing recently, talking about the community state-wide to rise to the occasion in this crisis. 

So what does that mean?

Most immediately it’s the effects of the now state-wide order to “Shelter in Place” – on Home Life, on Work Life, on School Life. 

There is an over-arching theme:

At home, treat any immediate health issues that arise.  If people are sick, treat the symptoms, help them find relief.  If their symptoms line up with the COVID19 virus, or any other serious/acute condition, reach out to the health care professionals.

At school, or more precisely now, the concept of “school” for our children, we must support our kids as best we can using the materials we have available.  Aside from the school sites and districts themselves, other educational and learning organizations have much to offer.  It’s great to have the materials, but it’s the daily efforts we make to give our kids focused time, learning time, engaged time, that’s where the  rub is. We may need to do this for a long while. We’ll figure out the longer-term pace as we get into it; for now, focus on the content, and the routine.

At work, depending on what you do, do as much as you can to maintain contact and actions in support of whatever business or endeavor you are engaged with.  If asked, do.  If you see something that needs to be done, offer to do it.  

Attitude is paramount. It’s a challenge, a crisis, a massive upheaval on all aspects of the day-to-day.   But you can flip that upside down and it becomes an opportunity to make a significant difference, to help others, to rise to the occasion in this time of crisis.

Stack on top of these Big Three areas of focus as above, stack on top your own mental health, that of your loved ones, and the dynamics become all the more clear: the stakes are high, and this is not a drill.

Choose the right attitude and it all gets a little more bearable, doable, live-through able. 

Meet the moment. Each of us can. It will make all the difference.

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