Side by side we go through life. So many different ways this plays out, consider these few. Unless we choose the hermitic life, we strive to live with others. Friends, colleagues, even strangers, we go through this world side by side. If we’re lucky, there’s even that ONE special, other person with whom we share our journey. Ideas are often side by side in our head, quickly joined by choices. What to eat for breakfast? What is our favorite flavor? Do I want silence or the radio on the way to work? Endless examples cloud the mind. What to with our time? The next year? Where shall we go this summer? What to do the rest of the day? So SO many choices, all juxtaposed, one to the other. How to discern? A very successful musician I follow and admire once talked about his work thus, paraphrasing, “…I’m spending a lot of time doing what I do…so I want it to be meaningful, and satisfying…after all, time is the most precision commodity we have — we have to use it wisely.” And so with the endless choices we have about all manner of things, it’s with the Big Ticket Items that I want to spend my energy working to identify and prioritize and then hone the skills to make the best path forward. Because life is full of uncertainty; but it’s also full of hope, if we have the right mindset. And then one of fundamental tricks is to turn that hope and desire into action, amidst the uncertainly. And make it GOOD.

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