This word has been around a long time. So the dictionary says, it’s about four hundred years old, from around 1605–15; < French pivot (noun), pivoter (v.), Old French < ?

It means among other things, as a noun,

a pin, point, or short shaft on the end of which something rests and turns, or upon and about which something rotates or oscillates.the end of a shaft or arbor, resting and turning in a bearing.any thing or person on which something or someone functions or depends vitally.

And as a verb,

to turn on or as on a pivot.

Lately it seems like I’ve heard it more around economy and business narrative.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, seems like the world has had to pivot.

There’s been a lot of pivot at the local and family level too.

With Shelter In Place now pushing a month’s time in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout much of the country, it’s meant we do most everything from home: work, play, learn, relax…really, live every aspect of our lives, in one place, with whoever we live with.

Dispatch From A House With Little Kids: IT’S NOT EASY. There’s been a lot of pivoting.

Planned to be on the concall — pulled away to help someone in the bathroom.

In the middle of trend analysis for a product line — HARD STOP interruption because the six-year old is melting down.

There was talk about manufacturing companies pivoting from their primary industry sectors to make ventilators, make safety masks, etc.

We’ve ALL had to pivot, to adapt to the circumstances before us. For tens of thousands around the world it’s been a matter of life or death. This I think brings it home. If we have our health, if our loved ones are safe, the rest is manageable at the end of the day.

Like the disciples after the crucifixion who had to find their way after Jesus was gone, we all have to adjust and move forward, into the unknown. It’s up to each of us. Make it so.

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